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LinkedIn email finder has never been that simple

Reply’s LinkedIn Email Finder and Outreach extension searches for prospects’ emails in seconds, automates email search and sales outreach

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Extension workflow

Discover prospects on LinkedIn with bulk email finder

Use LinkedIn to search for prospects while the extension automatically finds emails for them.

Reply's email finder and outreach extension searches for business emails on LinkedIn

Automate your sales outreach with Reply sequences

Reach out to your prospects by automatically sending them messages on LinkedIn, personal emails, and making calls.

Sales sequence in Reply

Book meetings on Zoom with qualified leads

Reply identifies sales-ready leads so you can go ahead and book meetings with them on Zoom.

Book meeting in Zoom with sales-ready leads
200 email credits / month
  • Find 200 business emails
  • LinkedIn and Sales Navigator
  • Export via CSV file
5000 email credits / month
  • Find 5000 business emails
  • LinkedIn and Sales Navigator
  • Export via CSV file
Unlimited email credits / month
  • Unlimited business emails
  • LinkedIn and Sales Navigator
  • Export via CSV file

Other awesome extension features

Prospect data extraction

The extension gets all the contact data from LinkedIn, Gmail or your CRM

Email search on LinkedIn

Works like a charm! The extension automatically finds emails for prospects

Email verification

Get your emails automatically verified with our advanced algorithm

Outreach automation

Reach out to prospects automatically via LinkedIn messages, personal emails, and calls

Sync with CRMs

Sync contacts and leads from Salesforce, Hubspot and Copper to Reply, and push to a sequence

Get contacts from Gmail

Save contacts from Gmail and push them to a sequence in Reply

Contact profile and Activity tab

Get all communication history with a contact, any sequence the prospect has been moved to, tasks, and calls.

Cloud calls & Dialer

Reach out to your leads faster with cloud calls that you can make from the extension.

Task flow

Reply generates tasks for every contact based on sequence steps

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Install the Reply: LinkedIn Email Finder and Outreach extension to generate leads from LinkedIn.

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Finding emails from LinkedIn

Getting the prospect’s contact data from web is one of the most challenging aspects of sales development. SDRs spend hours and thousands of dollars to acquire a valid email address of a person. Luckily there are data sources that are free and easy to use.

Social media platforms are a popular source of information for sales reps. Namely, LinkedIn can be a great tool for finding people's email addresses. Yet, it can also be a little bit tricky. Not every user profile online lists their email addresses, so it might take some research to obtain the person’s professional contact information.

Let’s talk about how to find someone's email on LinkedIn in detail. With Reply, it's easier than you think!

How to find people’s email on LinkedIn with Reply

Can you find people on LinkedIn with email? The answer is YES! There are certain tools that help you discover prospect’s LinkedIn profile by email or vice versa. 

Reply’s Email Finder is one of them. It’s a handy Chrome extension that streamlines your prospecting and makes finding addresses on LinkedIn a breeze. The tool complements our sales engagement platform, offering a powerful data prospecting tool to help you source your own data and make sure your outreach always hits the target.

Here’s how it works, step by step:

  • Install the Chrome extension and log in to your Reply account (or create a new one). 
  • Go to LinkedIn. You can conduct your search through LinkedIn Sales Navigator or look up each email one by one, visiting each prospect profile.
  • When you open prospect’s profile or filter out a list of prospects based on the given parameters on Sales Navigator, click the extension icon in the top right corner of your browser to start the search.
  • The extension will automatically find emails from LinkedIn profiles on your list (or the one that is currently open in your browser). All addresses are pre-verified by our algorithms in the background so you can rest assured that your data is accurate and ready to use.

Once you find email address of the target prospect, you can instantly save it to your Reply account or even push to the selected sequence and start engaging right away. If you don’t want to use reply for some reason, you can also download the list as a CSV file to further import it to your prospecting software of choice or upload to your CRM.

Aside from the email address, our extension will collect the information about the prospect’s full name, phone number, title (role), company name and its size, and even location (including time zone). All of this information will come in handy when you decide to reach out to the prospect to start a conversation. You can utilize it to personalize your outreach emails at scale with advanced variables. 

Reply’s email search is lightning fast. Add to that the accuracy rate of up to 95% – all thanks to the built-in contact verification – and you’ll get the best tool to find email address on LinkedIn!

But the best part is that the extension is free to use. You have 200 email credits per month to find email via LinkedIn with ease and fuel your prospecting efforts with valid, accurate lead data.

It’s also worth mentioning that we don’t just help you find the email associated with LinkedIn account – you’re guaranteed to get the person’s current business email address. Simply put, our extension will look up the emails based on LinkedIn profile’s name and current job, specifically – the company domain.

So if you’re not sure where to find the prospect’s contact information, turn to LinkedIn. And if you want to get the accurate email ID from LinkedIn, try Reply’s Chrome extension.