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Email search on LinkedIn has never been that easy

Reply’s Email Search and Outreach extension searches for prospects’ emails in seconds and automates sales outreach.

We are giving away our newly developed unlimited email search for FREE and 20% off on Reply plans to help you combat a potential downturn in sales.

Extension workflow

Discover prospects on LinkedIn with unlimited email search

Use LinkedIn to search for prospects while the extension automatically finds emails for them.

Reply's email finder and outreach extension searches for business emails on LinkedIn

Automate your sales outreach with Reply sequences

Reach out to your prospects by automatically sending them messages on LinkedIn, personal emails, and making calls.

Sales sequence in Reply

Book meetings on Zoom with qualified leads

Reply identifies sales-ready leads so you can go ahead and book meetings with them on Zoom.

Book meeting in Zoom with sales-ready leads

Other awesome extension features

Prospect data extraction

The extension gets all the contact data from LinkedIn, Gmail, or your CRM

Unlimited email search

Works like a charm! The extension automatically finds emails for prospects

Email verification

Get your emails automatically verified with our advanced algorithm

Outreach automation

Reach out to prospects automatically via LinkedIn messages, personal emails, and calls

Sync with CRMs

Sync contacts and leads from Salesforce, Hubspot and Copper to Reply, and push to a sequence

Get contacts from Gmail

Save contacts from Gmail and push them to a sequence in Reply

Contact profile and Activity tab

Get all communication history with a contact, any sequence the prospect has been moved to, tasks, and calls.

Cloud calls & Dialer

Reach out to your leads faster with cloud calls that you can make from the extension.

Task flow

Reply generates tasks for every contact based on sequence steps

Next steps

Install the Reply's Email Search and Outreach extension to generate leads from LinkedIn.

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Install the Name2Email extension to get free email search functionality.

This extension is working together with Reply’s Email Search and Outreach extension and provides an ability to do a free bulk search via Linkedin

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Install Name2Email extension

Log into your Reply account from the Email Search and Outreach extension or create a new one.

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Start automated outreach with 20% off on Reply plans.

The discount is available for the new users only. Reach out to our sales manager for more information.

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